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Patron - Saint Eugene
St. Eugene

St. Eugene

Pope St. Eugene 1

Pope St. Eugene I was a Roman priest who had held various positions in the Church and was known for his gentleness, sanctity, generosity, and charity. He was consecrated Pope on August 10, 654, while his predecessor, Pope St. Martin I, was still alive, an exile and prisoner in the Crimea by order of Monothelite Emperor Constans II. Many believed Pope Eugene would be a puppet of the Roman Emperor, Constans, but Pope Eugene soon asserted his independence by refusing the Emperor's demands that he acknowledge Peter as Patriarch of Constantinople and allow toleration of the Monothelites. Pope St. Eugene defended the beliefs of the Catholic Church. Little else is known of Eugene, except that he consecrated twenty-one bishops for different parts of the world, and that he was buried in St. Peter’s. In the Roman Martyrology, Pope Eugene 1 is reckoned among the saints of that day. Pope St. Eugene died in Rome on June 2. His Feast Day is June 2.